omginorite's Journal

24 December 1985
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Before I start any of this: WHY THE HELL did I just waste 30 minute of my life filling out all that junk about favorite music and books and TV shows and whatnot, IF IT DOESN'T EVEN SHOW UP HERE?

Okay, that's out of my system.

Hellllooo my name is Jessica. I'm a college sophomore. I'm usually a pretty serious person, but I have a lighter side that I discover in uncharacteristic venues, like when I find myself in heaven while visiting ONTD or watching Family Guy (both of which are overly vulgar and I loooveee them with all my heart). I won't go into too much detail, because I only plan on writing semi-frequently in this journal. Plus, none of what I write will reflect my personality the least bit. I do have a Facebook, though, that I use pretty often, so feel free to add me and check that out if you want.

My guiltiest pleasures in the world are ONTD and Batman... especially when the two combine.