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Wow I forgot LJ could be used for things other than ONTD. Not that I really need other things, ONTD provides all sustenance. I don't even eat. Or sleep. It's aaaall ONTD.

Alright that was only partially untrue, I have been eating soo little lately. But that's probably better than completely gorging food, as many people do, throughout the two months known only as "the Holidays".

I like keeping journals and whatnot because I loove looking back and comparing my present self to my past self. So, since the last time I wrote, which what over a year ago I think, I have changed soo much. Going to a different school (a city college- that's what happens when you don't get a therapist right away and let your anxiety and depression keep you from attending your Ivy League school for weeks on end). But it doesn't matter, because I'm happier now :) I'm also unemployed now :( And looking for a job, which I suck at and hate doing. I mean, once I find a job that adapts to my needs (part-time, entry level in many cases), I'm fine. I'm still pretty much the same in terms of interests, but I've picked up jewelry making and sewing as a hobby. And of course I'm seeing a therapist... and a psychiatrist. I'm on anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication and hmm I suppose they work but its almost impossible to tell because I eventually left the situation that was unbearably hard for me to deal with.

Winter in San Francisco is AWESOME, it's my birthday today and my family (mom, sister, brother) is going to join me in ICE SKATING in UNION SQAURE right under the frickin AWESOME CHRITSTMAS TREE and yeah it'll be pretty much amazuhn'.
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Whoo! First Entry!

I'm watching SNL right now, the episode from 2006 with Natalie Portman as host. I don't particularly like her, but I must say , Darrel Hammond plays the single best Dick Cheney of all time! I also love Rachel Dretch. My hands down favorite SNL skit is "Debbie Downer". The one skit starring Lindsay Lohan was the best one, because they could not stop cracking up! My sentiments exactly.

Today (or, rather, during the very sexy hours of last night) I realized that I now love Aaron Eckhart. Now, now calm down, I know I'm not the only one here- but that man's CHEST HAIR may very well be the SEXIEST THING to grace this earth. Have I reached a new low? Why yes, yes I have.

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Current Mood: cynical having back pains
Current Music: watching SNL

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